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The Best Men’s Leather Bracelets

Men’s leather bracelets are a classy and timeless look. They can go with almost any fashion statement, additionally, there are so many different styles you can never run out of new leather bracelets.

Their styles range from simple to bold. It really depends on the type of statement you want to make. 

The most common leather bracelet colors are black, brown, and tan. Other colors are available such as red and gray.

So… let’s get into it

The Arrow Leather Bracelet


The Constellation Leather Bracelet


The Dragon Bracelet


The Axe Bracelet


The Anchor Bracelet


Which one was your favorite style?

If you would like to know more about the styles comment below!

How to Wear a Bracelet and Watch Together

How to Wear a Bracelet and Watch Together

The definite guide to wearing your bracelet and watch together.

 If you want to skip the reading… Here’s the video!


 There are only 3 rules to follow:


Rule #1 

Don’t every match your bracelet(s) and watch together. You will look like a girl.

Us men have a different style code we should follow. Your bracelets should compliment you watch. Such as a dark brown leather strap with a silver watch.


Rule #2 

There is an absolute number of bracelets you can wear at once.

Something I’ve always wondered about… (I used to pile on the bracelet when I was younger) 

The total number of bracelets you can wear on both wrists is five. Less is fine but never more.

The most bracelets you can wear on one wrist is three.


Rules #3

Your watch should be the standout object on your wrist. (if you’re wearing one). 

This makes sense. I mean your watch should the be the most expensive and fashionable accessory you own. So, let it shine through. 

Hopefully, all your questions have been answered.

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The 5 Best Beaded Bracelet Ideas

The 5 Best Beaded Bracelet Ideas


Here's our list of the 5 best-beaded bracelet ideas. If you don't feel like making your own we offer some great deals in all the following styles. Shop Here

The 7 Chakra Beaded Bracelet


What are the 7 Chakras? They are the energy centers in our body. It moves and spins in a wheel. Each one of the chakras play an important part of your life. The seven chakras are:

  1. The Root Chakra
  2. The Sacral Chakra
  3. The Solar Plexus Chakra
  4. The Heart Chakra
  5. The Throat Chakra
  6. The 3rd Eye Chakra
  7. The Crown Chakra 

(For more information on the seven Chakras visit: http://www.mindvalleyacademy.com/blog/spirit/7-chakras)

Chakra bracelets are worn as a symbol of healing as well as style. Some believe they have healing benefits. Although there is little to back up these claims. Shop Charka Bracelets 


The Buddha Beaded Bracelet


Buddha bracelets are a symbol of Buddhism, which is a religion practiced by almost 300 million people in the world. The word Buddha comes from the word “budhi” which translates into awaken.

Many Buddha bracelets feature the Buddha hand or the Buddha head. They are made of lava and smooth stone beads with either the head or the head as the centerpiece. Buddha bracelets are a trendy bracelet style.

(For more information on Buddhism visit: http://www.buddhanet.net/e-learning/5minbud.htm)


The Skull Beaded Bracelet


The skull bracelet means different things to different cultures. In Buddhist culture they believe that incorporating Tibetan skulls into images represent into malas (beads) the impermanence of life and the limits of human knowledge.

Skull bracelets usually have lava beads.


The Anchor Beaded Bracelet


Anchors show steadiness and calmness. Anchor bracelets are a trendy style that come mostly make of rope but a beaded versions have been growing in popularity.

The Tiger Eye Beaded Bracelet  


Tiger eye is a stone that symbolizes protection. It enhances integrity, willpower, practicality, correct use of power, and self-confidence.

Tiger eye bracelets come in many colors. Some come with centerpiece colored stones while others do not. The most popular color is a dark brown mixture. Shop Tiger Eye Bracelets


Well that's it!

If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us.

- John Brown, Road to Man 


How And When Men Should Wear Rings

Cover Image - Road to Man


Ready to learn more in the next few minutes than 95% of men in the world?

Good, let’s get started.

First… How Many Rings Can a Man Wear On His Hand?

It really depends, being said there are some rules to follow.

  1. Two to three spread out across both hands is a safe max.
  2. Quality over quantity.
  3. Do not stack rings on one finger unless they are thin rings that are meant to do so. 

Right Hand vs. Left Hand 

This is an issue amongst cultures. Using wedding rings as an example, Americans wear their bands on their left hand while Eastern Orthodox church members wear their wedding band on their right 

You don’t really have to worry about it, it’s really not that a big deal. You can choose either hand.

If you cannot decide, in terms of symbolism, the right hand is the “physical hand” while the left hand is the “mental” hand.


Now For the Good Stuff - Which Finger Should You Use?

Using your left hand – let’s go left to right.

The Pinky FingerPink Ring

Meant for statement rings. Rings on this finger have no cultural or religious associations. This finger is also great because it does not interfere with the rest of your fingers.

As it stands out from the rest of your fingers use it wear your flashiest rings. You want people to pay attention to them. You know, show off your style.  







The Fourth FingerFourth Finger

Mainly used for the wedding ring in North America. Simple rings that end up on this finger are often taken as wedding bands. Although, if you wear a decorative ring it will not be taken as one.






The Middle Finger

The boldest finger of the bunch. Simple rings are suited for the middle finger as it can interfere with the index finger. It is a mainly finger though and first time ring wearers will feel comfortable using this.

The middle finger provides a nice symbolism of balance. If you’re also giving people the finger a lot it’ll help make it stand out… 



The Index or Pointer Finger

A good position because it doesn’t interfere with any other of the fingers. But it is used on a commonly used finger. Primarily this finger is used for rings such as class 

rings, family crests, and fraternal rings.






The Thumb 

Not really used in North American culture. Other than here they are fairly common worldwide. In many countries, it’s seen as a symbol of wealth and influence. 

Thumb rings are usually larger, meaning they are usually broad or bulky to fit with the thumb.






Well… that’s it.  

This ends our quick guide into how to wear men’s rings. 

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As always, yours truly,

John Brown.

All Images Are From www.realmenrealstyle.com

and http://www.businessinsider.com/when-and-how-men-should-wear-rings-2014-10

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5 Actionable Tips to Improving Your Speech

road to man - 5 actionable tips for improving speech

1) Drop the infection

Everybody knows the sound. It's the upward inflection people make when they speak. It is especially prevalent in people when they speak in public. It makes them seem like they are asking a question in every sentence.

Do you want me to respond? It's an extremely annoying trait that distracts people from the thoughtfully created sentence you are releasing from your lips.

At the end of your sentence drop your tone. Your sentence will now come across as clear and confident.

2) Always speak in the lowest vocal tone you can muster

Using low voice tone emits power and confidence. Test it for yourself, stand in the mirror and ask yourself "do you want to go to coffee with me?". Try this in a high pitch and a low pitch. Which one would you say yes to?

3) Cleary pronounce your words

I don't know if getting people to misunderstand you was every cool? But, don't rush through your words. English may have been made up at one point - but there are rules. Not only does it make you easier to understand but it will probably make you seem smarter.

4) Slow down the swearing

When was the last time you heard a politician swearing during a speech? Swearing is something that is perfectly acceptable but it has a time and place. Certain social settings weren't built for the fuck that and shit this. Be mindful of who are with and who is around you. Your professionalism will shoot through the roof.

5) Slow down your speech

Don't zombie your way through rather slow down your speaking just a tad and your sentences will sound just a little crisper. Don't try to race through at a mile a minute. Doing this also has the added benefit of giving yourself more time to think though your sentences.

There you have it. 5 Quick tips to improve your speech. 

As always, thanks again. 

John Brown


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