5 Actionable Tips to Improving Your Speech

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road to man - 5 actionable tips for improving speech

1) Drop the infection

Everybody knows the sound. It's the upward inflection people make when they speak. It is especially prevalent in people when they speak in public. It makes them seem like they are asking a question in every sentence.

Do you want me to respond? It's an extremely annoying trait that distracts people from the thoughtfully created sentence you are releasing from your lips.

At the end of your sentence drop your tone. Your sentence will now come across as clear and confident.

2) Always speak in the lowest vocal tone you can muster

Using low voice tone emits power and confidence. Test it for yourself, stand in the mirror and ask yourself "do you want to go to coffee with me?". Try this in a high pitch and a low pitch. Which one would you say yes to?

3) Cleary pronounce your words

I don't know if getting people to misunderstand you was every cool? But, don't rush through your words. English may have been made up at one point - but there are rules. Not only does it make you easier to understand but it will probably make you seem smarter.

4) Slow down the swearing

When was the last time you heard a politician swearing during a speech? Swearing is something that is perfectly acceptable but it has a time and place. Certain social settings weren't built for the fuck that and shit this. Be mindful of who are with and who is around you. Your professionalism will shoot through the roof.

5) Slow down your speech

Don't zombie your way through rather slow down your speaking just a tad and your sentences will sound just a little crisper. Don't try to race through at a mile a minute. Doing this also has the added benefit of giving yourself more time to think though your sentences.

There you have it. 5 Quick tips to improve your speech. 

As always, thanks again. 

John Brown


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