How to Wear a Bracelet and Watch Together

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The definite guide to wearing your bracelet and watch together.

 If you want to skip the reading… Here’s the video!


 There are only 3 rules to follow:


Rule #1 

Don’t every match your bracelet(s) and watch together. You will look like a girl.

Us men have a different style code we should follow. Your bracelets should compliment you watch. Such as a dark brown leather strap with a silver watch.


Rule #2 

There is an absolute number of bracelets you can wear at once.

Something I’ve always wondered about… (I used to pile on the bracelet when I was younger) 

The total number of bracelets you can wear on both wrists is five. Less is fine but never more.

The most bracelets you can wear on one wrist is three.


Rules #3

Your watch should be the standout object on your wrist. (if you’re wearing one). 

This makes sense. I mean your watch should the be the most expensive and fashionable accessory you own. So, let it shine through. 

Hopefully, all your questions have been answered.

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