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12 Life-Changing Ways to Organize Your Make Up

1. Fill a flower vase with coffee beans or beads, and stick your brushes inside for easy access.


2. Hang your hot tools on adhesive hooks inside of a cabinet door.


3. Arrange your makeup in lucite desk organizers so you can see everything that's stowed away. Check Out Our Lovely Organizers Here


4. Keep all of the same together in one spot 


 5. Save space by stacking hairspray bottles on a wine rack.


 6. Store your hot hair tools inside of a decorative magazine holder.


 7. Stick cotton swabs inside an old candle vase.


8. If you like traveling with many different lip shades, remove the lipsticks out of the tubes, and keep them in a clean pillbox for easy transportation.


 9. Stack your hair ties on a pretty decorative wine bottle.



10. Stick your bobby pins along a magnetic strip so you won't lose them.



11. Store your nail polishes in a cute cookie jar. 



12. Use the pouches on a hanging shoe organizer to store larger hair products.


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Top 5 Simple Necklaces for 2018

1. Chokers 

The name might suggest from ‚Äúfifty shades of gray,‚ÄĚ but this fad has made a huge come comeback for women everywhere!¬†

Chokers are making appearances on all the latest fashion events. These sleek or bold goodies in silver or gold provide a luxe touch to your look.

Pair them with a strapless evening dress to flaunt your décolletage or simply throw them in with a pair of jeans and tee shirt for an instant dose of hotness. Find the Hottest Styles for 2018 Here. 

2. Bib Necklaces

A bib necklace comprises of layers of layers of bling and beads that drape down in a cascading effect near your collarbone, providing a beautiful waterfall effect.

To wear a bib necklace, keep your neckline as empty as possible. Or better yet rock one with a gorgeous strapless dress to beautifully frame the outline.  

3. Tassel Necklace

Tassels are the trendiest style in town and we are in love with them right now. Pair them up with any outfit this summer or rock them for the style of a Coachella weekend.

Keep the tassel off-center or in the middle depending on your overall outfit and how embolden you feel.

 4. Pendant Necklaces

Rank high on our hotness scale, the pendants dangle down from delicate chains and are the centerpiece. These centerpieces come in many different colors and styles, pendants can be small or large depending on how much you are looking to stand out.


5. Multi-Layered Chain Necklace

When it comes to necklaces for women, multi-layered chain necklaces really pull through. Go all out fancy or simply sport a minimalistic look with a plain chain.

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